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Agency Profit System

When you first established your real estate agency, what was the main motivating factor? Was it money, freedom, prestige or the opportunity to help people achieve financial security through home ownership? Maybe it was all of the above?

This is a serious question: How closely does your current reality match your dream?

An even more serious question: If there was a proven real estate course or program that could genuinely help you realise your dreams faster, make you more money, reduce your costs and stress - and give you more leisure, personal or family time, would you be interested? 

We wouldn’t ask these questions if we didn’t have an answer. And we are not going to tell you we have the answer. Here is what Adam Horth from Johnson Real Estate in Queensland said about the program:

The Agency Profit System is undoubtedly the best available in Australia. Possibly the world.”

Pittard is excited to present the Agency Profit System – a leading real estate course that is completely revolutionising the real estate agency business – and changing the lives and fortunes of the principals.

Have you ever had any of the following challenges?

  • Finding it almost impossible to attract, train and retain top sales talent?
  • Frustration with the sales ‘peaks and troughs’ causing havoc on cash flow?
  • Desperate for new and innovative ways to market your business and obtain qualified listings?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Agency Profit System is for you. It will positively impact the performance of your business and improve the quality of your personal life so you can enjoy the benefits and rewards of your hard work.

Pittard’s Agency Profit System real estate course will show you a simple, yet sophisticated, step-by-step program that will help you increase your profits by at least $250,000 annually, while decreasing your stress and total working hours.

The Agency Profit System real estate course redefines and reengineers every aspect of your agency’s activities – from branding, marketing and selling to attracting, training and retaining the best talent, client relationship management, margin and profit analysis and optimisation all the way through to office administration and procedures.

So, what does it take to break through the profit barrier and turbocharge your agency's business performance in 2015?

Your first investment is time. You will need to be willing to commit to 4 (four) full days of customised, offsite real estate training with Australia's leading real estate experts on the Agency Profit System.

If four days sounds like a big investment, how much longer can your agency operate successfully with its current marketing, sales and operational systems?

In four days, we guarantee to teach you the methods that have helped agents, just like you, take a full six months off and still earn more than they ever have before!

You will learn:

  1. Financial Foundations – For business growth and personal prosperity
  2. Smart Marketing – Increase your profits and fill your pipeline with leads for a fraction of what you are currently spending
  3. Listing Flow – Create more presentation opportunities for your team than ever before
  4. Results Control – The ultimate goal: freedom of choice. Choose whether or not you work in your office on a daily basis

No-strings Guarantee:
Your invitation to attend Pittard's most successful real estate course comes with a no-strings guarantee. You are invited to view the entire four-day Agency Profit System presentation with no upfront payment, and with no obligation to proceed if you do not feel that the Agency Profit System will greatly boost your business's profit.

Pittard’s Agency Profit System has our successful agents raving:

Highly impressive and comprehensive system that is easy to implement and will return immense profit to the agency.
Peter Dunn, Peter Dunn Real Estate, NSW

The Agency Profit System is a comprehensive update that will make my life a lot easier from a management point of view. This update will give clarity to anyone serious about being successful in Real Estate.
Frank Pike, Marsellos Pike Real Estate, QLD

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You are literally purchasing a million dollar business with multiple six-figure profits for the price of a seminar ticket.

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Agency Profit System

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What others say

Our profits went from an appalling $100,000 (apx.) to an all-time high of $1 million. We used to be in a major franchise. If you are thinking of joining a franchise, ask to see the profit statements of other franchise offices. Then call me and I'll show you mine!

Frank Pike

Marsellos Pike, Morayfield QLD Ph: 07 5495 7777

I could not imagine a better way to get freedom of choice in your business and your life. It has been my best investment in Real Estate.

Matt Dignam

Dignam Real Estate, Thirroul NSW Ph: 02 4267 5377

Pittard Training and especially the Agency Profit System has enabled me to hire and keep a great sales team that produce a very healthy profit while I enjoy Freedom of Choice. It is a roadmap which sets out the best, safest and surest way you can run a highly successful, profitable Real Estate Agency and don't deviate! If you wish to be systemised, highly profitable and have freedom of choice as to whether you want to keep working or not. Get with the system!

Mark Wilson

Wilson Real Estate, Warrnambool VIC Ph: 03 5561 2777

In late 2008 I attended the Pittard Real Estate Management Program. The following day I was visited by Phil Lynch and I signed up to the Pittard Training Program - I still remember what Phil said to me on that day. He said "Follow the program, and in 5 years time you will see the difference". Now in our office we have 2 Gold Badges, 1 Platinum Badge and 1 Diamond Badge. We have also won the Sales Person of the Year and Sales Team of the Year in the Australasian Real Estate Awards. I know that all of this is a result of your bulletproof training and hiring program. I have just returned from the Pittard Conference, where the lineup of speakers was absolutely first rate. The inspiration that these speakers have provided to my staff members is something that money cannot buy, and I know that it will benefit them enormously in their work and personal lives.

Thomas Som

First National Waverley City, Glen Waverley VIC Ph: 03 9560 3988

Just responding about iTrain I have found this after being affiliated with the group over the years, as one of the best things you guys have offered. It's Brilliant. I find myself constantly referring to it. Much appreciate it.

Ric Bahari

Michael Bahari Estate Agents, Blacktown NSW Ph: 02 9831 3022

As always Pittard are always pushing themselves to bring in new ideas, new structures always moving forward with great ideas that are easy and straight forward to implement and also the value of a seminar like the Agency Profit System and the people you get to rub shoulders with, talk with and share ideas with is sensational as always. The Hiring system is exciting, it will increase the candidate's ability for success and will increase the quality of candidates attracted to our office.

Adam Horth

Johnson Real Estate Group, Ipswich QLD Ph: 07 3281 1677

The new Agency Profit system is absolutely fantastic! The changes to the system are great, I particularly like the changes to the Hiring, it's going to be awesome for our business. I'd like to congratulate the team at Pittard - First Class! The new hiring system is absolutely outstanding!

Barry McEntee

First National Real Estate Goulburn, NSW Ph: 02 4822 8711

The one thing that has struck me is how Gary has skilled himself up on all the IT stuff, he is really leading the way. He's swinging those changes into the system and we are all going to benefit from that, especially with the hiring system. Very excited about getting new recruits.

Brian Boyle

Oak Park Real Estate, VIC Ph: 03 9300 4077

Our team and I work five days a week and take six weeks holidays while enjoying high salaries. The Agency Profit System will give you a real business not a high paying job so that you can enjoy your life with your family.

Andrew Trim

Johnson Real Estate Group QLD Ph: 07 3245 1377

All businesses should have systems & procedures. After 15 years as an agent & 35 years in business this is one of the best! The Agency Profit System is exactly what The E Myth is all about.

Jason Reid

Dickens Real Estate, Bright VIC Ph: 0419 360 728

The recent presentation of the Agency Profit System in Melbourne and the launch of iTrain was fantastic and refreshing! The upgrades to the System I believe puts us Pittard members not just one step ahead of our competitors but into a whole new playing field. iTrain now allows us to streamline our training for our team. It's a brilliant concept...Love it! Congrats to you and your team Mate!

Todd Pearce

Page & Pearce, Townsville QLD Ph: 07 4727 2400

The Agency Profit System is an invaluable management tool. It has systems and recommendations for every aspect of your business to assist in improving results and profit.

Cathie Reid

Dickens Real Estate, Bright VIC Ph: 03 5755 1307

This is one of the best programs that I have ever attended, particularly in Real Estate. The Agency Profit System will be a complete life changer for our family business.

Margaret Gillies

Gillies & Co Real Estate Pty Ltd, Kerang VIC Ph: 0429 660 052

The Agency Profit System is a comprehensive overview of running a real estate office. I would recommend to other agents to attend it sooner rather than later, don't delay the success it will bring.

Luke Kounnas

Hudson Bond, Doncaster VIC Ph: 0413 058 774

The Agency Profit System is the best management program in Real Estate.

Andrew Kerr

First National Real Estate Neil Kerr, Cobram VIC Ph: 03 5872 125

The Agency Profit System is a great system to use as it has helped me to achieve fantastic results in such a short time frame. It will increase productivity, positivity and of course profitability.

Fabien Pataud

Cooper Newman Real Estate, Burwood VIC Ph: 0421 118 107

The Agency profit system is a credit to Gary and the team. Particularly for smaller offices like ours to have such a good blueprint guidelines, particularly the employment, very impressed with the Hiring System put together. It makes it so much easier to have someone like Gary and the team doing the work for us, it's a short cut to success really.

Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn Real Estate, Singleton NSW Ph: 02 6572 4000

I have been in the Real Estate industry and using Pittard's training system for the past 13 years. I highly recommend Pittard's training for getting me to where I am - I would not be able to do it without the guidance from Pittard or my team. I recommend people who would like to join the Real Estate industry to have a look at our training system - it's the best in the world.

Joseph Yap

Hudson Bond Real Estate, Doncaster VIC Ph: 03 9840 7700

An excellent system that encompasses everything needed to successfully run and build your business and people. You will not find a more comprehensive plan to run your business.

Dean Tucker

Finning First National, Cranbourne, VIC Ph: 03 5996 1200

A complete and structured system covering all aspects of a real estate sales business to lead it to great profits and standing out from competitors.

Lucas Wilson

Wilson Real Estate, Warrnambool VIC Ph: 03 5561 2777