Membership Benefits

Pittard conducts some training for non-members; most of the training conducted by Pittard is for the benefit of members.

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Membership Benefits



Pittard offers exclusive real estate training to benefit its members, with occasional real estate training and seminars available to non-members.

Although Pittard conducts some real estate training and courses for non-members, the majority of real estate training conducted by Pittard is for the benefit of members. Many Pittard members have been with us in excess of fifteen years.

Real estate training has to move with the times or become irrelevant. Changes to laws in New South Wales, for example, rendered a large quantity of typical real estate training irrelevant, but this was no challenge for Pittard members. Our agents know how to quote accurately and win business in spite of delivering accurate price ranges.


Many industry experts, Pittard included, believe that typical real estate seminars are losing their appeal among the younger generations of salespeople. Pittard members receive their real estate training the way they want it – a mixture of:

  • iTrain, Pittard's digital streaming portal, delivers a treasure trove of online real estate training audio, video and written content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Television quality webcasts through Pittard TV
  • An international line-up of quality speakers from across the globe – almost monthly
  • Live seminars
  • Interactive workshops
  • Hotline service for leaders AND salespeople 7 days a week
  • Online personal coaching
  • Variety – leadership, management, Property Management and sales webcasts, seminars and webinars Some of the speakers who have spoken live, either in-venue or online, at Pittard events are: Dr Denis Waitley, David Knox, Bill Nasby, Margaret Lomas, Catherine DeVrye, Gihan Perera, Bob Burg and Larry Winget to name a few.
  • Marketing of the Month – a new real estate marketing item every month to help our members get more listings
  • Legislation and technology updates
  • Free IT support
  • Cloud based data hosting and tools
  • Hiring assistance – systems and vetting
  • Business coaching

One fee covers most of our members' training requirements and gives them an edge over their competition – an edge that you could enjoy too as a Pittard member.

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