Pittard Training specialises in real estate training with focus on sales, leadership, and management.

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What has gone wrong in real estate? Why are sales results so low these days? Ask agents who sold real estate in the seventies how it used to be. In their days, salespeople who sold less than one property per week were considered mediocre. Today, such ‘mediocre’ salespeople are often stars. It’s amazing.

Agency Profit System

The Agency Profit System is focused on high profits for agency owners and high satisfaction for the clients of the agency.

The program also focuses on improving the life of the owner of an agency. As most managers know, a real estate office often means giving up many weekends and much family time. It doesn't have to be this way.

Profit, Profile and Peak Performers

You can make great profits from the sales department of your real estate agency and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

One sales trainer is telling agents that he has an ‘aspirational goal’ to achieve 15 percent profit in his agency. Fifteen percent is not only poor, it’s a dangerously low profit level at which to operate, let alone aspire to reach! Many offices that use Pittard programs operate at approximately double that trainer’s aspirational goal. You can too.

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