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Practice Makes Perfect – Or does it?

The saying, “Practice makes perfect” is one that probably goes unquestioned. We know that the more we practise, the better at that activity we become.

But what if we’re practising an activity that is not productive, and it doesn’t take us closer to our goals?

Practice under those circumstances makes us good at nothing useful.

Whether it’s hobby or business, practice only makes perfect if you’re practising the right things.

An example is your listing presentation. If you practise your presentation, well done. But you should be sure that your listing presentation, when delivered skillfully, will get results.

If your presentation doesn’t contain compelling reasons why a seller should list with you, or if your presentation makes similar offerings to your competitors, your practice will make you good at delivering an ineffective presentation.

What makes you different to your competitors? What do these differences do for the sellers? What are the benefits? And can you prove that you are better than your competitors?

This is useful practice.

When practising your listing presentation, role plays are useful. Practise in front of your spouse, family member or friend. Get them to tell you honestly whether you were convincing or whether your presentation needs work.

Pay attention to what you say. Are you making too many statements and not asking enough questions? Question technique is useful practice.

Practice does make perfect, but only if you’re practising the right things.

Gary Pittard

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