Willpower Exercises

When it comes to forming new habits, willpower is what you need. With willpower you can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to yourself and mean it. In this short sales session, real estate business consultant, Gary Pittard, says that if you feel that you lack willpower, take heart: willpower can be exercised. Start small. Make a short-term commitment and stick to it. Then increase the time and difficulty of the commitments. Your willpower will strengthen.


2 thoughts on “Willpower Exercises”

  1. I love the distinction between making a “resolution” and making a “commitment”. A subtle change in language with a massive change in mindset. Thanks again Gary.

    1. Hi Chris, it’s lovely to hear from you. Sorry for not replying earlier, but I didn’t receive the notification. That problem is fixed now. I appreciate your comment and hope you are well. Best wishes, Gary.

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