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Real Estate Career - Recruitment Processes


Sales Recruitment Processes

Traditionally, the real estate industry preferred to hire experienced people only. Not so with agencies that use the Agency Profit System. Agents using this program prefer people with NO experience. These agents teach newcomers selling skills that range from the basics through to the most advanced stages.

For many years, there was a belief that a person could enter real estate with little or no skills training and quickly master the strategies and succeed. Horrendous staff losses and the abysmal levels of income received by salespeople hired under traditional methods are proof that these 'hit and miss' methods don't work.

The success rate of salespeople who use the sales programs from the Agency Profit System is far in excess of industry averages. These methods are proven.

People from all age groups and backgrounds are NOW enjoying successful real estate careers within agencies that are implementing the Agency Profit System.

Check out the video interviews with successful salespeople who love their real estate careers.

Recruiting Process

Visit the position vacancies and apply directly to the agency advertising the position that interests you. Answer a few questions and you will be contacted by somebody from that agency. It is that simple.

If you reach the interview stage, feel free to ask questions. Remember, too, that Pittard has regular careers information webinars where Gary Pittard will answer your questions about real estate as a career.

The interview process is simple and quick. Suitable applicants could be offered a position in an agency within seven days from application. You will be given plenty of on-the-job training to increase your expertise, confidence and income.

If you are inspired by what you read, you might consider a real estate career.

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