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Real estate agency owners and leaders often complain that it is difficult to get salespeople to perform winning actions that lead to results. They have also been known to complain that it is hard to get salespeople to focus. When salespeople are not held accountable for their actions, their level of winning actions is likely to be low. In this short leadership session real estate trainer, Gary Pittard, provides insights into how to hold salespeople accountable and how to increase their results.


  1. Hi Garry, I appreciate your video and looking at how my office business model relates to the traditional “paid agents” scenario.
    Do you have a commission only business model or do your R/E office models relate only to the traditional models where you hire a sales team on retainer and give them a BDA a set of tasks to perform and monitor their performance/ or lack of.
    I am currently looking at growing the sales office. How would you best suggest I attempt to “motivate to excel” results can be achieved.
    I am interested in finding your thoughts on this subject.
    yours truly, Anthony

    1. Hi Anthony, thank you for reading my blog and for this excellent comment. We have found commission-only to be a greatly flawed system. Although leaders look at the salary they ‘save’ by paying commission-only, they ignore the high percentage they pay from gross income, before expenses are paid, and never realise that they are paying more for low performances than they would have paid had they used a salary/bonus reward system. The high cost of incompetence is never factored in either – an incompetent salesperson can cost the agency in excess of $100,000 in lost fees per annum, which I’m sure you will agree would pay for a lot of training and a salary too.

      If this is of any help to you, I’d be happy to have one of my team contact you and talk with you about our business system for running a profitable real estate agency – the Agency Profit System. We are presenting this in Sydney in a fortnight. My email is If you give me your contact details, I will get Phil Lynch to give you a call and answer your questions in greater detail than I could do in a post.

      Best wishes

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