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A Change In The Conversation


When a market shifts from a sellers’ market to a stable market, and then eventually to a buyers’ market, during those transitions the conversations between salesperson and client change, or at least they should.

During the sellers’ market, when salespeople sold everything they listed, handling the issue of likely selling price wasn’t a priority. Even properties . . .   more →

Bottom of the Barrel

My wife and I have a property on the market. It’s with an agent we trust, and it’s listed exclusively.

Around 6 weeks into the marketing campaign, I received a phone call from another agent who asked whether I’d consider changing agencies. My reply?

“How would you feel if other agents rang your exclusively-listed . . .   more →

Sellers of the Future

“…and if you can’t be with the one you love honey.
Love the one you’re with, Love the one you’re with.”

Stephen Stills

Buyers are the sellers of the future. How we treat people during the buying phase of their home ownership journey determines the likelihood of them selling with you . . .   more →

The Prospect Pipeline

No doubt you have heard of the Prospect Pipeline, a good analogy to describe a constant flow of prospects, from which business should easily flow.

Business should flow, but it doesn’t always. Your Prospect Pipeline requires care and attention if it is to produce the desired results.

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When The Market Shifts

Many salespeople around the country are reporting a shift in the market, from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market. A shift in the market can pose several challenges for salespeople.

The first challenge is to notice the shift.

Buyers are usually the first to notice a change in the market. Buyers appear fussier, which is understandable because . . .   more →

Practice Makes Perfect – Or does it?

The saying, “Practice makes perfect” is one that probably goes unquestioned. We know that the more we practise, the better at that activity we become.

But what if we’re practising an activity that is not productive, and it doesn’t take us closer to our goals?

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The Year Ahead

Happy New Year! May 2022 be the year you set goals, make plans, and have your best year ever.

But first let’s talk about last year. Was 2021 a good year for you, despite lockdowns?

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Planning and Uncertainty

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Mike Tyson

As we approach the end of 2021, I want to convince you to set goals and plan your actions for 2022. The new year is only a month away.

Despite the uncertainty you’ve experienced in 2020 and 2021, goal setting and planning are . . .   more →

The Enemy of Success

There are many traits people possess that can be regarded as enemies of success. The obvious one is lack of integrity. For me, that is top of the list.

But let’s talk about another enemy of success, one that occurs daily for many salespeople:


How many opportunities are wasted by salespeople waiting for the time to be . . .   more →

Two Lessons From the Pandemic

There can be no doubt that the pandemic, now in its second year, has disrupted business and the economy.

The real estate industry has been less affected than, say, tourism and entertainment, but the pandemic has still led to periodic restrictions on how we go about our daily business life.

But is it all bad news? For . . .   more →

Used to Low Numbers?

Do you remember the days when salespeople used to list large numbers of properties – eight or more every month? We seldom see numbers like these anymore – salespeople have become used to low numbers.

Many years ago we coined the term, “Take care of the numbers and the dollars will take care of themselves“. This . . .   more →

Reputation Matters

Ask any person how important their reputation is to them. Nobody will say their reputation doesn’t matter.

Sure, some say, I don’t care what other people think of me – but that’s usually to justify being rude or insensitive. If these people care that little about their reputation, they probably can’t be trusted.

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List More Sell More

In a sellers’ market, where you sell almost every property you list, the last thing you want to do is run low on listings. List more and you will sell more – we all know that – but many agents are low on stock. If you are one of those salespeople, what are you doing . . .   more →

Take Fee Off The Table

Agents who discount their fees believe they must do so to win the business, but is this true?

Others reducing their fee is not a legitimate reason to discount your fee. This thinking indicates that your business is being driven by your competitors’ actions and not by yours. It’s a defeatist attitude.

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Give Up Trying To Manage Time

We hear a lot about Time Management. I talk about it sometimes, but in reality Time Management is the wrong term. If you think you can manage time, good luck.

The fact is you can’t manage time. An hour is 60 minutes. You can’t manage 60 minutes to become 90 minutes. An hour is an hour . . .   more →

Plan, or Struggle: It’s Your Call

Who would have thought that many real estate businesses would have had bumper sales numbers despite the COVID-19 pandemic? But this was the case for many real estate agencies, and for many real estate salespeople.

It is predicted that 2021 will be even better than 2020. That appears true as we enter the second quarter of . . .   more →

Prospecting In Bite-Sized Chunks

Is the thought of an increase in your monthly targets daunting? If your leader told you that it’s time for you to list 8 properties a month, would you resist?

Most salespeople would resist because they look at the entire figure. Eight listings a month sounds a lot.

Funny, but it’s all relative. I remember times when . . .   more →

Make Your Hard Work Pay Off

A salesperson in Adelaide was doing it tough. For two years he struggled and could barely make enough to cover his bills.

I admired him for persevering but secretly wondered how long he would last before he pursued another career.

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An essential ingredient to saleable listings

Happy New Year! I hope 2021 is your best year ever, and if you have goals, challenging targets and a plan, you’ve already laid the foundations for this to be a reality. Now all you need do is get to work and follow your plan.

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Up or Down in 2021?

May you live in interesting times” is purported to be ‘the Chinese curse’, although its origins in China are doubtful. Chinese or not, the year 2020 has seen ‘interesting times’ thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite this, many agencies have had a good year.

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Respect (noun)

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements
Due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

To respect someone is to admire qualities in them and to show regard for their feelings, wishes and rights. Respect should be shown to everyone we meet, not just . . .   more →