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Price Right


In a sellers’ market, salespeople could quote almost any price to sellers and rely on a rising market to achieve their overquoted prices.

I won’t go into the ethics of this practice, but suffice to say that this type of salesperson is going to find life very difficult as the market shifts, and I don’t feel . . .   more →

Can Sellers’ Markets Conceal Mediocrity?

In this short sales session, real estate agency profit consultant asks, “Can sellers’ markets conceal mediocrity?”

Markets in many areas are going through a shift. Across Australia and New Zealand, salespeople report that the sellers’ market has come to an end.

In . . .   more →

The Importance of Face To Face

The Covid years saw a rise in the prominence of online training. After all, if we wanted live training, that’s the best we could do, right?

At Pittard, we were giving online presentations six years before Covid. We believed then, as we do now, that online training has its place in the delivery of quality . . .   more →

Direction and Action

In this short leadership session, Gary Pittard, Sales Leader at Pittard says, “Real estate leadership can be tough”. Things don’t always go as planned.

At times like this, it’s easy to complain: salespeople aren’t doing the right actions; salespeople aren’t performing; the market is tough; listings are tight; we’re not getting called in; you can’t find . . .   more →

A Change In The Conversation


When a market shifts from a sellers’ market to a stable market, and then eventually to a buyers’ market, during those transitions the conversations between salesperson and client change, or at least they should.

During the sellers’ market, when salespeople sold everything they listed, handling the issue of likely selling price wasn’t a priority. Even properties . . .   more →

Useless Notes

During seminars and other training sessions, it is not uncommon to see attendees furiously taking notes, which may be flattering for the presenter, but begs the question, “What they do with those notes?”

Real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, believes that most of those notes are useless.

Your notetaking habits matter. Whether you type, handwrite or . . .   more →

Beware the Shirkers

When the market shifts, salespeople must shift with it. Conversations that were acceptable in a sellers’ market will not provide good outcomes in stable markets or in buyers’ markets.

Chances are high that your market has shifted to a buyers’ market very quickly. If so, has it caught your salespeople off guard?

In sellers’ markets, conversations . . .   more →

The Right Stuff


You know a great leader when you encounter one. You also can easily recognise poor leaders. What qualities do great leaders have that poor leaders don’t?

In this short leadership session, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, says that great leaders have the ‘right stuff’.

With study and practice we can all develop the right stuff . . .   more →

Bottom of the Barrel

My wife and I have a property on the market. It’s with an agent we trust, and it’s listed exclusively.

Around 6 weeks into the marketing campaign, I received a phone call from another agent who asked whether I’d consider changing agencies. My reply?

“How would you feel if other agents rang your exclusively-listed . . .   more →

Personality Matters


In this short sales session, real estate agency profit consultant and trainer, Gary Pittard, relates the story of a café with a chequered history of success.

What was the ‘secret ingredient’ that made the difference between the proprietors who failed, and the proprietors who succeeded?

Good food? Some of the failed proprietors had good food too. Yet . . .   more →

The Fine Line

If you ask salespeople about areas where they think their leaders could improve, the two most common responses would be 1. Stop micromanaging me, and 2. Give me more support.

Support is an interesting one. Salespeople have difficulty defining what they mean by support. All they seem to know is that they want more of it.

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What message are you sending your team

Leadership success hinges on the messages we send to our team.

In this short leadership session, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, says that whether positive or negative, all messages are communicated by word and by action. The more we leaders understand this, the more careful we will become about what we say and do.

Leadership . . .   more →

Sellers of the Future

“…and if you can’t be with the one you love honey.
Love the one you’re with, Love the one you’re with.”

Stephen Stills

Buyers are the sellers of the future. How we treat people during the buying phase of their home ownership journey determines the likelihood of them selling with you . . .   more →

What Will You Do Differently

In this short sales session, real estate profit consultant and trainer, Gary Pittard, points out that as we approach the halfway mark in the year, now is a good time to reflect on your results so far. If correction is needed, the sooner you begin the better.

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Too Busy To Lead

In my 30 years as a real estate agency management consultant, one of the biggest challenges I see agency leaders face is when the leader is too busy to lead. This can be the agency’s “Achilles Heel”, which stifles growth and profit, and much more.

This problem is particularly acute for leaders who list and sell, . . .   more →

You Pay for Action

In this short leadership session, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, says that salespeople, whether salaried or commission-only, must receive clear direction on what actions are required of them.

Many salespeople either do not know what is required of their roles, or if they do, they refuse to do the actions required of those roles.

Could . . .   more →

The Prospect Pipeline

No doubt you have heard of the Prospect Pipeline, a good analogy to describe a constant flow of prospects, from which business should easily flow.

Business should flow, but it doesn’t always. Your Prospect Pipeline requires care and attention if it is to produce the desired results.

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What and How Do You Study?

In this short sales session, real estate agency profit consultant and trainer, Gary Pittard, says that if you aren’t studying your profession, it is only a matter of time before your competitors overtake you. A rusty salesperson is a broke salesperson.

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An Excuse-Free Environment

“You’ve either got the results you say you want, or you have reasons to explain why not. Developing a rigorous and honest relationship with results moves you powerfully toward creating extraordinary results.

Reasons and results both take time. One is an investment in continuous momentum, and the other stalls us in our tracks.”

Cara Licastro

As business . . .   more →

The 600 Pound Gorilla

All leaders want high performers, but sometimes we should be careful what we wish for. That high performer could be a 600 Pound Gorilla. You don’t want one of these!

In this short leadership session, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, says that while high fee production is a must-have ingredient for all real estate . . .   more →

When The Market Shifts

Many salespeople around the country are reporting a shift in the market, from a sellers’ to a buyers’ market. A shift in the market can pose several challenges for salespeople.

The first challenge is to notice the shift.

Buyers are usually the first to notice a change in the market. Buyers appear fussier, which is understandable because . . .   more →