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The Best Leadership Tool Ever

Whether you are interested in the leadership of a real estate agency, or the leadership of any other business, like most leaders you may be looking for good leadership tools, tools designed to help you lead your team to higher results and therefore more profit for you.

Real estate sales and leadership trainer, Gary Pittard, will give you the best leadership tool of them all in this short leadership session. Leaders who use this tool often are the ones most likely to have higher-performing teams, and loyal team members.


  1. I have been researching the Pittard system as I want to begin a career in real estate and this video proves to me exactly why I want this career and why I want to be employed by a business using this format. I have always worked in customer service and have always simply been another face. I want to work with people who create personal relationships, who reward good work and who recognise when there are problems. This just shows me that I would be with a team that cares and wants to work towards a greater goal and not just coast through to the next pay week. Great video, if more companies adopted methods such as this, then all industries would have high performers!

    1. Hi Jessica, thank you for your kind words. I look forward to seeing you enter our industry and blossom into a great salesperson. We need good people. Have a great Christmas and new year. I hope we meet one day. Best wishes, Gary.

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