Habits of the Greats

Habits are a foundation of success. As you progress through your sales career, your results will improve as you replace bad habits with good habits.

Operating at a mediocre level is much harder and more stressful than working towards Greatness.

In this short sales session, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, asks “What habits would you foster if you were the greatest salesperson in the world?”


2 thoughts on “Habits of the Greats”

  1. Thanks Gary for your positive remarks about … Habits of the Greats.
    Positive work ethics and positive habits do bring results.
    I believe establishing a good rapport, helping the client to feel relaxed and willing to express themselves in a meaningful way, coupled with a listening ear and positive selling habits, brings results. I have completed Certificate IV
    in Property Services with REIV. To start new career. [ My experience
    has been in service and direct selling, running my own business for 27 years. ]

    1. Hi Lloyd, sorry for not replying earlier. For some reason I didn’t receive the notification. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and agree wholeheartedly. Good luck with your new career, and please do stay in touch. Best wishes, Gary.

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