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Is Door Knocking Still Effective?

In a real estate industry poll, over 65 percent of respondents said that door knocking is no longer an effective method for finding new listings. In this short sales training presentation, real estate agency profit consultant, Gary Pittard, says that people who say door knocking is dead either haven’t knocked on many doors, or they have a terrible door knocking presentation. Either they did not speak to enough people, or they did so incompetently. For such people door knocking is dead. For the rest, it’s alive and well.


  1. Thanks Gary. I was only thinking about this last week. At the moment in our area there is 1.5% of the available stock of units on the market for sale. That is 1 in 66. In the last 12 months 4.25% of all available stock of units were listed for sale. That is about 1 in 24. That means if I knock on 100 doors I should find at least one immediate seller and at least 4 future sellers selling in next 12 months… The numbers make sense. The numbers are similar (although slightly less) for houses.

    1. Good point Chris. Selling is still a numbers game. I am glad we caught up with each other again. It’s been too long. Have a great Christmas. Regards, Gary.

  2. okay, this question must have be raised million times, so how do you get around the problem that every other house has a
    DO NOT KNOCK sticker, you knock or not knock ?!

    1. Hi Terry, good question, but I don’t believe that it’s every other house. Those signs are now few and far between. Most were distributed by energy companies to stop other energy companies from soliciting their clients. If it were me, I would knock and say hello. If they get upset, apologise. After all, you are only looking for work. All the best for Christmas. Best wishes, Gary.

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