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In this short sales session, real estate business consultant, Gary Pittard, asks, “Have you ever put off doing a chore that you thought would be difficult? You dreaded doing it but it proved to be much easier than you thought. Prospecting is like that. It’s just not that difficult. All you have to do is start, keep going, and it will become a habit.” Prospecting is an essential activity for success and there are only 3 reasons why salespeople don’t prospect: 1. They are scared; 2. They are stupid; 3. They are rich.



  1. A great brief prospecting re-focus session. Too easy! We’ll use this as part of our preparation for next weeks Operation Appointment. Thanks Gary.

    1. Hi Malcolm,

      Sorry for neglecting to reply. For some reason, I stopped receiving notifications, but that’s fixed now. I hope the refocus sessions are working for you. Best wishes, Gary.

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