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The Open Door Policy

Are you the kind of leader whose door is always open to team members? In this short real estate leadership session, real estate management expert, Gary Pittard, describes why an open door policy might not be such a good idea. If your door is always open, you could be setting yourself up to micromanage, and to become a ‘substitute brain’ for your team. You might also be setting yourself up to be the fall guy when things go wrong.

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  1. Great words Gary,
    We started a new HomeFinder today for me to find him approaching me constantly and asking for advice on how to handle each and every particular situation.
    We agreed mutually that we should save these discussions for our morning one on one sessions to best handle what we were finding were common theme issues. In addition, this gives him some time to think through each issue and come up with his own solutions as his experience grows. I’m always looking for my reports to offer one or two solutions rather than come to me simply looking for the answer….
    Peter A

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