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Meeting Future and Immediate Sellers

How to become a ‘stand out’ with Potential and Existing Sellers.

Two questions that I always include in our sales program, Winning Ways – Real Estate Sales  are “Who wants to sell?” This leads to the second question, “Which property can I list today?”  These questions remind us how important it is to prospect with a clear purpose, to focus on the result we are after, and not the activity itself.

If you find yourself getting plenty of future sellers but nobody who is selling now,  you would do well to remember those two questions.
Before going too far, let’s recap the first question again because it is important. It says, “Who wants to sell?” It does NOT say, “Who tells me they want to sell?” Try this quick quiz:

What, in your opinion, is the purpose of a prospecting call?
  1. To find somebody who says, “Yes, I want to sell now“, or
  2. To find somebody who SHOULD sell, regardless of whether the client agrees with this or not?

‘Order Takers’ always choose option one. To these people, the client dictates the terms of the sales call. “No” means “No” to an Order Taker. To a winner, “No” means, “I must ask more questions.” A winner’s job is to find out what the clients should do, lead them to that understanding, then influence them to do it.

Winners probe for information, comparing what the clients tell them with their own life experiences. If the clients should sell, your job is to make them understand why. If they should not sell, using your skill to influence, you should recommend they do not sell. You make recommendations based on information gathered before you began presenting. Provided you lead them to a decision that is right for them, your influence is both professional and a great community service.

At the end of each prospecting call, the winner has one of three answers to the question, “Should the client sell?” The three answers are “Yes,” “No,” or “I’m not sure.” If yes, list the property. If no, the client goes into your Contact List for regular follow-up every three months. If “I’m not sure,” more information is required. Either probe and get it now, or follow up every three months, each time receiving more and more information until you are sure about the best recommendation to give the client – either to stay or go.

You are the salesperson. In many cases you make the decision the clients should sell long before they do. You then, by way of a brilliant presentation, lead the client to the ‘sell conclusion’ that you reached. This is Salesmanship.


Clients tell you they will sell soon, but want to wait until their daughter finishes her exams. Should these clients move?

It depends on many factors. How old is the daughter? Is this a final high school examination, or a major university examination, or an end-of-year examination for a non-crucial year? Where will the clients move to – locally, or out of the area?

If the clients are moving locally, and if the exam is not a major examination, the next questions are relevant. What does the rest of the family want to do – go or stay? Does the daughter agree with her parents?

These questions not only help you uncover this family’s needs, they help the clients do the same. What is best for this family? Would the daughter be better off in a larger home, where there is more room to study? Perhaps. Ask the client.

The point is that we should not believe everything we are told. It is our job to uncover needs. It is not the clients’ job to tell us. Judge needs for yourself, then tell the client what you are thinking and why you came to think this way. Before presenting this concept, however, remember the clients’ need to save face. Do your best to lead the clients to understand your proposal – make it their idea.

Your plans are probably sound, but something you said a little while ago makes me think that you’re onto something. You say that you don’t want to disturb your daughter while she is studying for exams, but you also say that you would like her to be in a larger and more comfortable home when she sits for the ‘big exam’ next year. Do you ever wish you could do both – move, but not disturb your daughter’s study?

Such a question will get a loud “yes!” Now close, nicely, for the appointment:

How about letting me have a look at your place, talk to you, your husband, and daughter, and see if there is a way we could do both – get a larger home without disturbing your daughter’s study. I promise I won’t waste your time and there will be no pressure. If I can help, I will. If not, at least I will be able to help you with some information that could save you a lot of money when you do move. Will you all be home today around 4pm?

Congratulations! You have just made an appointment few other salespeople would have made. You have taken the first step toward creating a sale.

This is the fundamental difference between a winner and an Order Taker. The winner asks more questions and looks for a way to help clients think things through. Order Takers ask questions. Winners ask the right questions.

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