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Time, Attention and Care

I recently read an industry article about remuneration for salespeople, discussing which was best: salaries or commission-only.

While I do not intend to argue that point now, a comment from an industry leader caused me concern.

This leader said that commission-only percentages varied widely, but the common rule of thumb was that the higher the commission, the less support the salesperson received from the agency.

Why is this such a concern?

For any leader to suggest that not supporting any team member is a good idea, this is a clear indication that this leader has not studied leadership and doesn’t understand the importance it plays in results and profit.

If the highest calling of leadership is to bring out the best in our people, how can not supporting any salesperson in our company be classed as good leadership?

Whether we support our people should have nothing to do with their level of remuneration. If they are on our team, they should receive our time, attention and care.

These are the greatest gifts leaders can give their people.

Over the years, I have heard many leaders complain that salespeople are disloyal. This applies especially to those remunerated by commission-only. But are salespeople really disloyal?

Some are, but I wager that most are not.

The real problem could be that leaders have not EARNT LOYALTY. If the leader didn’t support the salesperson, giving that salesperson time, attention and care, can you blame the salesperson for going elsewhere? After all, they owe the leader nothing.

The title of Leader is not sufficient to earn loyalty and respect. We must earn these.

We earn loyalty and respect by giving time, paying attention to our people (especially by listening to them), and showing respect and care.

I believe that bringing out the best in our people is the highest calling of leadership. If they are on your team, that is your leadership mission.

Giving time, attention and care will take you a long way toward “Mission Accomplished”.

Gary Pittard

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