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Your Ideal Day

If you had to describe your ideal day, would you describe a day where you made a sale, perhaps two?

While this is understandable, and certainly a good day, it is far from ideal. Unless you achieve other vital results, days where you make a sale will be few. How often do ‘sale’ days happen for you now? Would you like more?

You can make more ideal days, rather than waiting and hoping that they will happen.

If not a ‘sale’ day, what, then, is an ideal day?

      • For the sale to occur, you need stock. No stock, no sales. Low stock, low sales. Big sales months are preceded by big listing months. So an ideal day must also include a listing result.
      • There are no listings without listing appointments. To get the listing, you need an appointment. Therefore, an ideal day must include a listing appointment.
      • You won’t get the listing appointments by waiting around for sellers to call you. There must be marketing material going out from your office regularly, and you must prospect for new business. Do the marketing and the prospecting, and you will get more listing appointments. An ideal day must include a healthy amount of prospecting and outgoing marketing.
      • You won’t sell your listings if they are overpriced. Therefore, giving regular feedback to your vendors, with specific and honest feedback from buyers, is essential to having a seller understand the likely selling price of their property. You must regularly be giving price recommendations to your sellers, repositioning the price where necessary.
      • Lastly, of course, making a sale is certainly part of an ideal day.
  • If you think about it this way, it gives the ideal day a new complexion. For a winning salesperson, an ideal day is one where:
      • The prospecting target has been achieved or exceeded – minimum 40 calls per day
      • A listing appointment has been made
      • A listing has been obtained
      • At least one vendor has been given honest price feedback
      • A sale is made

Ideal days like this might be rarer than ‘sale’ days, but if you want more days where you make a sale, add into every working day the actions that lead to sales.

Prospecting –> Listing appointments –> Listings –> Seller feedback (price reductions) –> Sales

It’s the chicken-and-egg question, only easier to answer. There are no sales unless you attend to the actions that lead to the sale.

Want more ideal days? Do the ideal actions.

Gary Pittard

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